edrawings update checker is pointless

Discussion created by 1-LKRZ9C on Dec 10, 2009

Our company recently upgraded to Solidworks 2010.  Subsequently, those of use who are not designers and who just view solidworks files using the free edrawings viewer (2009 version) found we could no longer open any files that had been recently edited.  Clicking on Help, Check for Updates produces a message saying I have the latest version and that I should try again later.  Not true!  After trying this every day for a couple of weeks, in desperation I go to the Solidworks website only to find there has been a new version (edrawings 2010) out for several days!   But that isn't the end of the confusion.  After installing this a little message appears in the news feed telling me that edrawings 2010 SP1 is available for download.  Again I click on Help, Check for Updates and it again says I have the latest version.  Only this time it is correct because clicking on Help About confirms I do indeed have SP1 which must have been part of the 2010 download.


Guys, if your update checker ignores later versions, at least change the error message that you get when trying to open a newer version file to suggest that users go to the website to see if there is a new version of edrawings that will work!


I also note with gritted teeth that the 2010 version of edrawings still doesn't allow measuring despite NUMEROUS requests for this feature from users.