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PDMWorks template (copy trouble)

Question asked by Dennis Hvam on Dec 10, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2009 by Jeff Sweeney



I'm trying to create a SolidWorks assembly using topdown modeling and a design table and then use it as a template in PDMWorks Enterprise 2008 SP3.0


Both the top down and design table in the assembly works perfectly


But when I setup PDMWorks to use this assembly as a tempate, every new assembly created has relations to the original one

Is there anyway to make the internal parts relate to the new filename?


Here is how the template is setup:

Template setup.jpg


Is it possible to use a top down assembly with internal parts as a template which is givin a new name each time my users uses the template "function" in PDMWorks Enterprise?


Thanks in advance!