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How good are Xeon processors  with Solidworks 2010 ?

Question asked by Pankaj Bir on Dec 10, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2009 by Anna Wood

Dear All ,


I was wondering if the following config really works.


1. Xeon 5590 3.3 GHz Quad Core

2. 12 GB Ram

3. FX 4800 NVIDIA QUADRO Card with 1.5 GB Memory

4. 300 GB Hard Drives 2 nos in RAID 0 setup


Anybody has experience with a similar spec machine.

What really boosts Solidworks core performance.


Will doubling RAM to 24 GB or increasing the video card to a 4GB FX5800 card further

increase the overall speed when working with Solidworks 2010 SP1.0


These are 64 bit machines with Windows  7 Ultimate 64 bit edition on them.




Pankaj Bir