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Simulation of mechanisms

Question asked by 1-NXD4S0 on Dec 9, 2009

Dear all,


I'm trying to do simulations on a couple of mechanisms, but I can't find anywhere whether my settings are ok... The mechanisms all have some kind of clamp, a bar (see attachment) and a housing around the mechanisms and I want to test them on strength. I do a static contact simulation with simple loads and I restraint the housing.I hope to find that the mechanisms are strong enough to carry a load of 400N.

In the study-properties tab I have the following settings: improve accuracy for contacting surfaces with incompatible mesh, include global friction (what is the unit of the friction coefficient?), compute free body forces, direct sparse solver. In the study itself I apply a global no penetration with extra contact sets (no penetration, surface to surface) for parts sliding on each other or when penetration still does occur. Then I check for interference and short edges.

Are my settings right? Where can I find additional information on this subject (the man with the most extended SW knowledge on the university, has never done simulations on assemblies...)?

Thanx so much for any help or hints!


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