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File association error when printing

Question asked by 1-NKOHE8 on Dec 9, 2009

I developed a custom application that launches the e-draw viewer from a process inside my application. I have two click event handllers; one for opening the viewer to view the drawing and one to launch the viewer in the background and print the drawing. I can open the e-draw viewer application to view the drawing with no problem; however, when I attempt to print the drawing from the other process I get an error stating "This file is not associated with an application...".  Naturally, I checked the file associations under the Windows folder options and SLDDRW is indeed associated with e-draw office automation application. I actually changed that to the ModelViewer app as shown in the attached code snippet.

I imagine that there are some parameters I'm not setting right when I attempt to send the "print" command to the e-draw application considering that the application starts fine when I simply launch e-draw from the other process. I am running on XP SP3 platform with the 2010 version of e-draw installed.

If anyone has any ideas or advice I would greatly appreciate it!

I attached a code snippet of my Print process.