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Deleting a cosmetic male thread by accident

Question asked by alessandro marchetti on Dec 9, 2009
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Swx 2009 Engineering stimulus Package on WinXp Prof. SP3


I'm training myself on swx, and I encountered this strange problem:


I modeled a screw by myself from scratch, including the cosmetic male thread.

Then I inserted it into an assembly, but the position was wrong so I decided to delete it and try to insert it again.

In order to do this, I clicked on the screw and pressed the "del" key on the keyboard, but I actually clicked on the male thread of the screw (my fault), instead of to click over a surface of the solid.

It resulted that when I pressed "del", swx deleted the cosmetic thread and not the part. After this, I saved the assemby and reopened the screw alone: the cosmetic thread did no longer exist on the screw.

To be noted that I was on assembly environment when it happened, and I was not modifing the part in the context.


I'm really new to swx, so I don't know it this is a bug or it works as designed or, last, I didn't understand how swx works.


Regards, Alessandro.