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Import parasolid from Visi

Question asked by Tony Hayes on Dec 8, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2009 by Josh Brady

Hello everyone,


We have a tool shop that has designed and built a tool for us. They only use Visi for their designs. So they have saved their assembly out as a parasolid files which should be the best. When I open the parasolid file in Solidworks it does not regonize parts that are the same like for the stripper pilots I have 24 files that are of the same part instead of just 1 file. It also does not carry over the original file name so everything comes in like part-1, part-2 and so on. I tried to rename 1 of thes files the corect file number which works just fine. I then tried to replace all the other same components with the renamed file. Here is where the problem comes in when I do use replace components it will put that component in the same location as another one. I can float the parts and then remate them but that would very time consuming on a tool that has 800 components. They have built 9 tools for us and all the tools are this big. So this takes up a lot of server space which IT is having a cow about (they dont understand 3d designs anyway, whole different story). This happens for all components including screws, dowels etc. many extra files for nothing. This also could be a problem if I need to do a revision on a component and our toolroom grabs one of the other files off the server.


Has anyone seen this behavior before, if so was you able to get a work around?

The tool maker is working with Visi on their end to see if we can come up with a solution from them.