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Discussion created by Guest on Sep 15, 2006
I also selected image#8. Although image #7 was decent, the plastic material looked too fake. I have never been able to get black plastic to render that well with photoworks. The Maxwell render looked pretty good for its black plastic. Also, the lighting and shadows seemed more realistic on Image #8. the lense on image #8 didn't look as good as #7. However if you notice on other Maxwell renders that the lense does look pretty good. On all the other photoworks renders, the plastic is not right. If it took just 10 hrs to render the maxwell images, then I might be able to live with that as I could let it run overnight. If it started to exceed that, then it woul possibly interrupt work. I voted for more materials to be available to photoworks users as that seems like on of the weak points for it in comparison to other rendering packages.