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Simulate form tool cutting in turning?

Question asked by Paul Marsman on Dec 7, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2010 by Paul Marsman

We have an issue.. a small one but one we would like to fix.  I'll try to explain, but have attached a dummy assembly with an example of the issue.  When we layout a form tool in our processing we do the calculations for all the drops on the form, which works fine for doing the tool drawing, but when we want to show the operation as a whole we do an assembly with "top-down" assembly cuts to simulate the form the tool will give.  Problem is the diameters that get generated are different from what is actually going to occur in manufacturing.

In the attached assembly I have a tool set to Ø8.000 base, the tool is designed to cut Ø23.000 on the large OD, but in my simulation with the assembly cut revolve I get Ø22.979.  The reason is when I convert the cutting face to the front plane I am chaning the drops of the tool profile, but without an assembly swept cut (yes, I've put in the ER many times) I don't know how to accurately represent the form.  I've done many different setups but none are easy enough for the amount of times we do this.  Any ideas out there?