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Problem with "List Pin/Bolt/Bearing Force..."

Question asked by Tomasz Kurowski on Dec 7, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2009 by Tomasz Kurowski

Hello Everyone,


I've done a recent simulation in which a number of pins were used.  All of them display their resultant shear force incorrectly (under the assumption that resultant shear = (Xshear^2+Yshear^2+Zshear^2)^0.5


If I am right and this is a bug, is there a fix for it?  Is it the resultant that is correct, or the components that are correct?


Attached is the exported spreadsheet of my pin forces.  The "List Pin/Bold/Bearing Force..." GUI displays the same results.

I highlighted the shear forces in bold.  Make note of the resultant shear force vs. the component shear forces.