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    Non Linear - forced deflection, then remove constraint

      I'm thinking I am missing something easy here, please help me out..

      With non-linear can I force a deflection in a certain direction using a fixture , then remove the fixture completely to see where it remains at rest?  I tried using the time curve but if I put it to 0 on the last step it forces final deflection to be 0.  I want it to be free.  How can this be achieved?



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          Bill McEachern

          No. However, you can run the fixed displacement case and get the force needed to get where you want to go and then you can relax the force. I can imagine problems where you need to get a bit more creative and the full load trajectory maybe required to get the location to the right spot the right way before you relax it. Good luck.


          I do know other codes that will allow a restraint BC to be tunred off.