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Merging Faces (Knit Merge Entities) - Removing Split Lines

Question asked by Samuel Schweighart on Dec 5, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2009 by Ryan Laplante


Previously (2009) if you split a surface using a split line, and then knit that surface to another, the split lines would disappear.   Now with 2010, that doesn't appear to happen.  I assumed that I need to check the "Merge Entities" to do this, but even so the split lines no longer disappear.


In 2009, if you had split lines that you wanted to remove, then you had to create a second surface to knit with the first surface, and then 'delete face' that second surface.  You had to employ this trick since knit wouldn't 'knit' one surface.


In 2010, it appears you can just knit a single surface, but the split lines don't disappear.


My questions are:

1) What exactly does "Merge Entities" do in the knit function.  I've read the help, and it says it merges entities with the same underlying geometry.  Wouldn't two faces split by a split line have essentially the same underlying geometry?


2) Is there any other way of knitting surfaces that are curvature continuous so that there is no line between them?


I'm guessing that the surfaces are represented as NURBS, and same underlying geometry means the same NURB, but I'm not sure.