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Toolbox in the ESP version of Solidworks

Question asked by 1-IMFYP9 on Dec 4, 2009

I have recently started the Engineering Stimulus training of Solidworks, and I am trying to work through the 12 comprehensive tutorial lessons. In one of the lessons, the tutorial instructs me to "Click on the symbol of the Design Library in the Task Pane. The Task Pane unfolds itself and you can see the 'Toolbox' now. We are going to add some Washers. Double-click on 'Toolbox'."

When I double-click on Toolbox the system tells me that Toolbox is not installed. How can I get the Toolbox (standard parts library) installed so I can finish these tutorial excercises? I have gone to the website that the tutorial shows (, but it is a foreign language site and does me no good.I'm not the most computer literate person in the world, but this has me stumped.