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    WTF: Coordinates in sheet format differ from drawing sheet

    Jim Sculley

      SW2010 SP0 Windows Vista x64


      While struggling with my title block problem outlined here I have discovered another lovely WTF.


      I'm redoing a signature block from scratch since the annotations have been tainted by the 'Snap to Rectangle Center' problem.  I am an exact type of person so I want my notes exactly spaced and exactly positioned before turning them into a block.  So, I created my signature block grid on the sheet format using sketch lines and dimensions so that they are spaced 0.15" apart, with the lower left corner of the box positioned at 0,0 using the 'Parameters' box in the property manager.  I place a note on the drawing (using the 'Parameters' box) so that I have something like this:




      Yes, a note positioned at 0.3" in the Y direction is below a line drawn at 0.15".  That shouldn't ever happen, regardless of the vertical aligment chosen for the note.  After some head scratching, I selected all this geometry, cut it from the sheet format and pasted it into the drawing sheet.  After recreating soem relations and repositioning the note to the same coordinates, I get this:



      Now this is correct.  The text has 'TOP' vertical aligment so the coordinate position is the top left corner of the text box, which is positioned at 0.3 as expected.


      So, the lesson here is that coordinates in the sheet format are not to be trusted.


      Jim S.