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    Save modified documents in SW 2010

    Pawel Keska

      You probably know, that SW2010 has new functionality.Save modified documents appears when user clicks X (exit) button.

      I would like to change default settings (maybe in registry) from cancel to save all. Could you please help me?



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          Steve Calvert

          Pawel, why do you want to change it?  You still have to make a decision and press a button.



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              Josh Brady

              I can understand wanting to change it.  In almost every other program I know of (including SW09), "Yes" is the default answer for any "do you want to save changes" type question.  You normally want to save, so you usually would not have to "make a decision".  As far as pressing a button, it is easier and quicker to hit the spacebar to activate the button that has focus than to mouse to a button and click it.  I will quite often use either spacebar or the enter key to activate the default button.  This is a basic principle of UI design - the default button should be the one that you think users would be most likely to want to do.  In this case, "Cancel" is the button that the user is least likely to want to hit, because it cancels your order to exit the software.  Why the heck would I hit the "X" button if I didn't really want to quit?


              Pawel, in reply to your question, I don't think it is very likely that you would be able to change the default.  It is probably hard-coded into the form interface.  Probably needs to be an Enhancement Request since it's not really a bug.  It would take the right guy about 45 seconds to fix the code.

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              Jim Wilkinson

              Hi Pawel,


              This issue has been addressed in the development code for SolidWorks 2010 SP3 (due for release mid to late April assuming all testing and production goes well).




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                  Mille Bojgaard

                  I think the same should go for the rebuild question box.

                  If I am trying to save a document and SW doesn't think it is updated, the question "Rebuild now" is rarely answered with "Cancel" (again: why would anyone want to press save/Ctrl+s and then cancel?) - "Yes" or "No" is much more probable and thus one of those should be the default answer.