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What new HDR environments would you like to see

Question asked by 1-4EQZK9 on Dec 1, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2010 by Kevin Quigley

Luxology, our partners and producers of Modo and PhotoView 360 would like to know from the SW community what types of HDR environments and background images you'd like to see in the product. They are currently working on a "kit" for SW users and would like to hear from you. Let's use this thread to collect some ideas.  If you have some samples that convey your idea, please share them.


To get things started, I'd like to see the following:


  • Interior table tops - with nice wood grain and possibly lace table cloth - with lots of bright bounce light from nearby windows
  • Highly detailed Factory floor
  • closeup of sand on sunny day
  • Glass lobby like what we had at IDEO  (yeah - we actually did product shots there) picture below is NOT IDEO
  • An actual Photo studio setup for product shots - with actual camera, lightboxes stuff etc.
  • Anything from the IBL library at HDRLabs


In short,I'd like to see hi-res backplates that handheld and tabletop design can sit in and the environment can give a more realistic context to the overall shot - i.e. floor is very high resolution - sand or lacey table cloth etc.