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Boxx 4850 Extreme, Windows 7, SW 2009sp3.0...

Question asked by Chad Leman on Dec 1, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2009 by Charles Culp

A Boxxing match or a match made in heaven?


My new machine should be here tomorrow morning (can't wait - Core i7EE @ 4.15GHz, Quadro FX 1800).  It will have Win 7 installed, and we are still on SW2009sp3.0 with EPDM of the same version.


I realize that this is not a SW supported config.  Am I going to have problems, either with SW or EPDM Client?


Should I try it or just format and go with WinXP 64 bit?


Any results from a similar setup?


Thanks in advance,