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    3D AutoCad objects

    Roy Potter

      I have been give 3D autocad file in the past and SW has been able to convert them to a part file but they come in as surfaces. Also where it is an assembly SW makes some arbitary 'guess' at which surfaces belong in which part/sub-assembly.

      Is there a way to change this behaviour and is there a way to get the enclosed boundaries to automatically form a solid?


      (These are dwg/dxf files with 3D information, not sat, iges etc).

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          Deepak Gupta

          4140 wrote:


          Is there a way to change this behaviour and is there a way to get the enclosed boundaries to automatically form a solid?


          No there is no way you can change that. And to get these surfaces into sold, use knit option.

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            John Burrill

            First, you should be able to import AutoCAD ACIS solids as 3D solids.  If you're bringing in polymesh objects, or the surfaces from 2007 or later, then you're going to get surfaces.  Sorry, there's not much that can be done there.  you might also run import diagnostics from the part and have it heal any gaps in the seams which can prevent knit surfaces from forming solids.

            What you might try doing in order to get an assembly structure is exporting the AutoCAD drawing as a SAT file (file==>export and specify ACIS in filetype control)

            When you import it into Solidworks (through the open dialog), select the options button in the lower-right and specify 'import bodies as seperate parts' and 'attempt to form solids'.

            Let me know how it works out.

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                Roy Potter



                There is no acis information. I tried to export the objects (before posting) as acis/sat but none could be found. It is just 3D objects. I get surfaces, planes, and sketch lines. I could not get the import diagnosis to function, I think that there is nothing for the system to work on.


                To be fair it was an export from another package that will only export 2D/3D dwg or dxf.


                Having seen that SW imported the file as surfaces it just seemed logical to ask SW to automatically make enclosed surfaces solid bodies.

                What I described previously was the best I could hope for in automatically creating solids.


                Thanks for the reply.

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                    Check your original file.  I suspect that you're starting with a wireframe and not a solid.  I just ran a test to check my theory and I was able to import a dumb SW solid when starting with a dumb Autocad solid.  The wireframe, however, came in as surfaces.