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    Beveled edge along profile

      I am not sure if this is the correct forum to post this, but I am having trouble creating a feature in a part. I don't have any idea where to begin.


      Basically I would like to profile a beveled edge along a curve with another curve being the centerline. It's difficult to explain without a picture, so here's one.



      Instead of the face in grey being flat, I'd like it to have a beveled edge that meets in the middle of the curves.


      Any ideas on how to model this?




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          Kelvin Lamport
          Something like this?
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              Thanks for taking the time to attempt it, but it wasn't what I had in mind.


              Think of a sword edge, where the middle of the sword is beveled towards the edge. I'm trying to model it along those lines. So, I was going to draw a spline through the middle of the model on the grey face, and have that the centre of the bevel, with the centre of the bevel being on the same plane as the top of the model, going towards the curved edge. Kind of like this: (Excuse the poor sketch.)




              I thought there would be a tool to help me do this but I just can't figure it out. I'm not asking for anyone to do the work for me, just suggestions. (Although I wouldn't skold anyone for doing it either! )

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              Chris Dolejska



              Create a plane about .3 to.4mm (or your preference) above the top letter surface, project your center spline to there


              draw another sketch on the surface and project your letter outline, cut down the lines until it goes from tip to tip of one arm of the letter, but only on one side of the arm and only up to the rounded end.


              draw a 3d sketch from the end of the upper line to the end of the lower line, another 3d sketch at the other end of the arm


              (note at this stage the 4 3d lines going from the upper to lower surface at the ends are 4 *separate* 3d sketches)






              loft between the upper and lower sketch using the 3d lines as guide curves


              note when picking lines the point you click on them affects how the loft builds, try not to twist




              do the same for the other side of the loft surface




              draw another sketch on the top letter surface, project the curved end of the arm, another sketch the other curved end, you have to keep all lines picked in separate sketches for loft and boundary surface to work.


              boundary surface the round ends using the edges already made and the curved end sketch as a guide line.



              when you have all the upper surfaces build a planar surface on the bottom using all the edges of the other surfaces, stitch and form solid