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Service ends 31th of Oct. 2010 but no license for 2010-2011

Question asked by 1-5X0LN0 on Nov 27, 2009



our VAR sent us the new 2010-2011 version and I just tried to update to the new version.

But while installing it told me, that no serial is registered for that version. So I thought: no problem, I have an license-file and switched the license-manager to the "old" method, using a license file. But when I take a deep look into the "My Products" list and requested the newest license-file I saw that there is no license for the new version. But I need it! On Monday my colleagues want to use the new version.

The service-contract has been updated last week and we bought another 10 licenses for our teaching-room a few days before...

But the new licenses aren't registered under My Products either... The contact for our purpose of our VAR told me on Wednesday she will request the changes, but instead of calling me back, like she promised, nothing seems to happen...

Perhaps one of the persons at Solidworks can update that the license for 2011 is available for "get license" in the customer-portal->my products.


Would be much help, thanks a lot and have a nice weekend...


With best regards from Germany


S. Schumacher (not in relation to Michael Schumacher)