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Solidworks licensing

Question asked by Kyle Carter on Nov 26, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2009 by Brian McElmury

OK, Im an IT contractor for a small solidworks client.. they use 3 or 4 floating network licenses for solidworks (currently 2009) and this working perfectly using the solidnetwork licensing administrator.


They have purchased 2 new edrawings professional licenses.. and I have been given serials and the assurance they are floating network license..


BUT what am i supposed to do.. I cant add these serials to the license file I have as the format is completely different.. the VAR seems to know nothing about how to license the product.


I cant upgrade them to solidworks 2010 yet as they arent ready.. and i understand there is yet another new licensing method for the new version.. Ive tried to read the administration documentation.. but I find it useless.


Can I simply install the new licensing server alongside the old licensing service and add these serials to it?  I dont want to break their current licensing as they have R&D team members who rely on being able to edit documents..



Who am I supposed to contact when the VAR is only interested in the sale and there seems to be no contact numbers for support I could see on the website.. Im based in New Zealand..


Solidworks is a great product, but it seems the only people who have issue are those that try to legitimately license the product.. Surely it should be simple?