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Mouse gesture with EPDM

Discussion created by Sylvain Trudel on Nov 24, 2009
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You can use a mouse gesture as a shortcut to execute a command, similar to a keyboard shortcut. Once you learn command mappings, you can use mouse gestures to invoke mapped commands quickly.


Every function available in the in-context menu offered by the SolidWorks Enterprise add-in can be assigned to a mouse gesture in SolidWorks 2010.
To reassign a mouse gesture command in SolidWorks:
•    Create a new document
•    Load the SolidWorks Enterprise PDM add-in
•    Click Tools > Customize… and select the Mouse Gestures tab.
•    Set Category to Enterprise PDM
•    Click the Command column header to sort the commands
•    Choose one of the mouse gesture directions to reassign, and in the row for the new command
•    By default, four directions are available.  Select 8 gestures to assign commands for eight gesture directions
•    Click OK to save


Have fun!