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    Mouse gesture with EPDM

    Sylvain Trudel

      You can use a mouse gesture as a shortcut to execute a command, similar to a keyboard shortcut. Once you learn command mappings, you can use mouse gestures to invoke mapped commands quickly.


      Every function available in the in-context menu offered by the SolidWorks Enterprise add-in can be assigned to a mouse gesture in SolidWorks 2010.
      To reassign a mouse gesture command in SolidWorks:
      •    Create a new document
      •    Load the SolidWorks Enterprise PDM add-in
      •    Click Tools > Customize… and select the Mouse Gestures tab.
      •    Set Category to Enterprise PDM
      •    Click the Command column header to sort the commands
      •    Choose one of the mouse gesture directions to reassign, and in the row for the new command
      •    By default, four directions are available.  Select 8 gestures to assign commands for eight gesture directions
      •    Click OK to save


      Have fun!

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          Amit Chen

          Thanks for the TIP,

          I thought it may solve me one of the annoying problems that I found with the ePDM UI in SolidWorks.

          I'm looking for a solution for the search option within SolidWorks,Using ePDM add in within SolidWorks the search functionality which is most common is the last icon from the right in the ePDM Toolbar the problem is that we all want a larger graphic area.                                                                        I didn't find a better place for the task pane.                                                                                                                                                               Does anyone have something to share....