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Meshing deletes components from assembly

Question asked by Joe Rochinski on Nov 24, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2009 by Derek Bishop

I created a mixed-element simulation today of an enclosure assembly consisting of a welded rectangular steel tube frame with sheet metal top and sides. All components of the frame are defined as solid, and I am using thin shell elements for all the sheet metal.


Upon meshing, I encountered the strangest thing I have ever seen. In the process of meshing, the software literally deletes all the sheet metal components from the assembly. If I go back to the model view, the parts are gone, and they no longer appear in the feature tree. Reloading the assembly or re-inserting the parts is the only way to bring them back.


Anyone ever see this one?


I'm using Win7 Pro 64 Bit, with SW Premium 2009 SP4.1 x64