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    How to create vertical note w/leaders

    Stephen Reed

      Our products are mostly wood office furniture. Normally, all the wood grain direction on a part runs the same direction so we add "GRAIN" to the appropriate horizontal or vertical dimension to indicate the grain direction. We have a new series of tops with multiple veneers and different grain directions (see attachment). For the horizontal grains I used a note with 2 leaders, one on each end; however when the text is rotated to indicate a vertical grain, the leaders now go thru the text. Try as I might, I haven't been able to make it do otherwise. Any suggestions other than manually drawing leadres and arrows?




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          Kelvin Lamport

          The closest I could get (using the Note tool) was with the Underlined Leader option.


          Have you tried creating a Block from a Note and separate leaders, and then just inserting it where needed?

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            Charles Culp

            I was able to fiddle with it to get it to not overlap. As long as "leader nearest" is set, and the top arrow is pointed slightly to the right, then it works ok.


            I think a better solution for you, however, is to select "underline" for your leader type. This way it does not matter. Here is a screenshot of how to set that up:





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              Mark Kaiser

              I have a workaround for this.  I use a combo of dimensions, sketch points, and layers to get it done.  I place two sketch points, vertical or horizontal from each other, and dimension between them.  Change the dim value to the text you need (grain), and hide the extension lines.  For vertical dims, you need to use custom text position on the leaders tab in the pm to get the text vertical.  I set up two layers, shown and hidden.  Shown is active and on, hidden is turned off. I put the sketch points on the hidden layer so they can't be seen.


              Attached is an example.

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                Wayne Tiffany

                I agree, I think a block is by far the best solution.  We do the same thing with North, Direction of Travel, etc.  It's just a block that you have saved out to your DL, and then drag it in wherever whenever you want it.  Rotate and you are done.  No need to recreate every time.



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                  Anna Wood

                  Create them with blocks.  Add the block to your design library.  Drag and drop into your drawing file.


                  I attached the block we use for grain.  You can copy and modify to create the vertical direction.





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                    Stephen Reed

                    Thanks to all who replied; the SolidWorks community is a great place for help. I think that Kelvin's and Charles idea to use the underline will work for me. Creating a block is also a possibility. I like text because it scales with the drawing view if it changes; blocks may also but I wasn't sure about that.  Anna, thanks for the grain block, it looks great. It's a little different than the standard leader arrow so I may have to modify it a little if we use it, just for consistency sake.


                    Thanks Again,