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"Server busy" message when opening SolidWorks after system reboot

Question asked by Lucas Dexter on Nov 23, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2009 by Lucas Dexter


     Is anyone experiencing a Windows "Server Busy" error message popping up when opening SolidWorks (attached is the message)?  We first noticed this after upgrading to 2009 SP3.0; here are the symptoms:

1) It only happens the first time SolidWorks is opened after a system reboot.

2) It only happens on x64 machines.

3) It is happening with most of our users; 80-100

4) Sometimes the user clicks "Retry" once and it goes away and SW opens.  Other times users have to click "Retry" up to 40 times in order for the message to go away before SW opens.


Things we have tried:

1) Recreated SW profile

2) Recreated Windows profile

3) Ran numerous tests proposed by the VAR tech support as well as from SW tech support. (SW tech support does not want to help troubleshoot the issue.)

4) Sent system log files to tech support with no results.


Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.  This is one of the last major issues that need to be resolved since upgrading to 2009 SP3.0 in July(and upgrading again is not an option at this time.)