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    simulating a shaft collar

      i am having trouble simulating a shaft collar on a shaft. It is a simple 1 piece shaft collar made for socket head cap screws. For the simulation, I split the collar into two halves and make a contact set (bonded) for the side that's meant to be once piece and use a bolted connector for the other side. I then set the component contact set between the collar and the shaft. All i want to see is the deformation of the screw pocket and I think this is a pretty easy simulation but its taking 45 min for the simulation to run. Any ideas? I want it to go by faster too because in the future I will need to test axial loading on the collar as well.
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          Derek Bishop
          Can you post a pictue of the model.
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            Geoffrey Leonard
            It's really difficult to help without a picture or file.
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              David Anderson

              if all you want is the def of the screw pocket, could you not simply eliminate the shaf, fix the collar t and apply the load to the screw pocket?


              if you are trying to solve for the clamping force of the collar, this is a fairly simple hand calc, from that you can determine the axial loading capability based on friction.


              but to answer your question...


              if i am envisioning the problem correctly, you will want to place a no penetration type of contact between the OD of the shaft and the ID of the shaft collar that makes contact with the shaft.


              you will need to remove all dofs such that the collar cannot slide or rotate w/o inhibiting the natural deformation of the collar. also fix the shaft.


              as soon as you use non-bonded contact elements you are now in a nonlinear solver and solves time will drastically increase.