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    GDT assistants

      I am having difficulties with tolerancing a part I've designed.


      attached is the drawing file. (solidworks 2009 sp3.0)
      also attached is a screen shot. I've highlighted the surfaces I am trying to dimension/tolerance in GREEN/BLUE.


      in unprofessional terms: i want the surface that is 4in wide (highlighted in green), and surface datum A (highlighted in blue), to be parallel (regarding depth), but at that 30degree angle. It's almost like I need the surfaces to have flatness tolerance within eachother.


      this probably isn't as clear as it needs to be, but my mind has hit some road blocks.


      I will check frequently to see if any more information is needed by the helping person(s).





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          Ryan Hevner
          One option is "Profile of a Surface". It will keep the entire surface within the true surface +/- the tolerance zone. The tolerance zone is centered about and extend normal to the true profile (i.e. a tolerance of 4 means the deviation can be +2 on one side and -2 on the other side.)
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              profile of surface seems to be the best solution.


              I'm unaware on how to properly use it, and even my drafting book doesn't have much information on it.


              this is what I concluded from reading the information in my drafting book.


              GDT help.JPG


              is this the proper use of a profile of surface dimensioning?