Motion help please!

Discussion created by 1-AKNURG on Nov 21, 2009
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I have just moved from COSMOS motion 2007 to the new solidwroks 2009 with simulation - so getting used to the new layout - its clearly been a long time!


I have designed a linkage which attaches to a piston connecting rod of a reciprocating engine and I am trying to put it in motion. I have used basic motion already by applying a rotary motor to the crank which works fine. Using the simulation i have a problem. I have added a centrifugal force to the crank to simulate the rotary motion in the simulation package of soildworks. I have also made sure each part has a defined material property. I have got mesh control on parts where i do not require small elements for analysis to keep processing speed up and i am trying to determine the forces at each pivot point in the linkage assembly but when i click run it comes up witht the error that messing cannot occur due to too many elements exceeding limit.


I remember in cosmos motion where i would just add a rotary motion to the crank, annimate it and then i would get the resultant forces at the pivots as required but i am really finding it difficult with the new motion to do the same. Can someone please help me? I have uploaded my files for you to look at. Many thanks in advance.