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Can not check out weldment part after undo check out.

Question asked by Mark Kot on Nov 20, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2014 by Robert Hawkes



I'm having a big PDM problem with weldment parts. When I check out weldment parts and then run an undo check out, I can't check out the files after.

I get an error message stating "One or more documents could not be checked out."

I know of a work around where you copy and rename the file, then the new copied file can be checked out. But the references to the old file are still there.

Now I can "re-wire" all the references in the drawings but this time its just too much. The weldment part has over 250 bodies and it has close to 100 drawings all over my vault.

This problem does not seem to happen with regular single-body parts.


Here is how to recreate this issue:

Create a part, weldment with bodies (Not necessarily std. profiles)

Save check in – keep checked out.Open again and continue saving changes and checking in until you reach (i.e 15 bodies from cuts and extrusions)Once you reach and have version  5 or so.Open change something, save close.Undo check out and then try to check out your last version.


Has anyone ever faced this problem? Please help, managers hovering.