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Discussion created by Neil Larsen on Nov 20, 2009
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A couple of thoughts about sketch pictures-


1. Assuming you want to keep the actual line entities visible in a sketch, but hide any sketch pictures in it, shouldnt they have Hide/show entries in the Display pane rather than need to be 'un/suppressed'? Suppression for pictures seems to involve something significant happening in the inner workings whereas hide is just excluding the object from OpenGL display in the window??....I guess there must be a reason but it seems odd to rebuild? for this seeing as though there is no geometry relation between the two -


2. It would be handy to have a separate entry in the View menu for Sketch Pictures like has been done for PW Decals.

Presently if you want to view your pictures, for instance if you are using them as decals in parts and assy, you need to have View Sketches on, which means all of the other sketches that are set as showing are visible at the same time...unless you go around and hide all those.

Now that sketch pictures are available in drawings for SW2010 I suspect this enhancement would be handy there too.


3.On that general idea perhaps there should be a, 'hide all sketches in the part/assy except the selected one(s)', tool...


anyway feel free to comment.