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Fillet Beads

Discussion created by Tim Koritz on Mar 3, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2009 by 1-I7AP5K
I'm wondering how many people actually use the fillet bead command and actually configure those features so that the "As Machined" and "As Welded" configurations relate to the real world.

I find the fillet bead command extremely limited - it can only be applied to between two faces that are at right angles. What if I wanted to display a weld bead in my drawing that is between two surfaces that are tangent (see pic for example)? During previous projects I have not used this command and I insert an annotation instead. Now I have some extra time for this project so I thought I would actually use the "As Welded" and "As Machined" configurations to my advantage and show some weld beads, but I am not seeing how this is possible.