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Weldmnet/Saved bodies/Assembly vs. Multifeatured part/Relative View/Machined Configuration

Discussion created by Angela Hill on Mar 2, 2009
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We are a new company still setting up Standards and Procedures.

We had been doing our weldments like assemblies to begin with because OUr SW dealer didn't sell us on weldments because they talked about it like structural members etc. and we are a heavy equipment manufacturer and our weldment consist of Heavy plates etc....very little structural members.

We subcontracted some work out and this guy suggested that we use weldments functionality to deal with our "weldment" We bought what he was selling. I being the sw expert right, I have little experience, can model and all that but only been using this for about 8 months.

So the structure that we figured we would use with this whole "weldment" Idea is:

Weldment - We will consider this the "finished Product", this would be the model whtat will be seen in all upper level assemblies, it is you "visual'. This model will also be used to create your machining drrawing. Any changes mad at this level will change the peice part and assebmly.

Under that level is Peice part Level - This is the actual steel part to be cut or burnt. It is at this level that we would add bevels etc, any changes here will not change the weldment, but will change the assy.

Then under that is the Assebmly Level - This would be like the Production weldment, here is where you would see all the manufacturing info, welds et.

Okay so that is option 1 (Assebmly is not an option at all by the way) Option 2 is something I just leaned

You would have one file, which would include everything.

Multifieatured part, which would include a configuration of burnt and machined. Then using relative view and selecting the features you want, you are able to make drawings out of your features etc. This then eliminates the need for extra parts to manage,

I can see ups and down to both ways, one really big factor to us is that when using method 1 (weldment style) is that we have weldment with like 50 plus peices in cases and if we start detailing and, then need to make a realm of changes and it starts changing part numbers and not updating parts because the changes made are too extensive then we are wasting time,

I have heard from a couple sources that can happen and blow my detailing out of the water, I don't know about you guys, but I hate detailing and the less the better. And being as we are creating this machine for the first time there is ALOT of changing going on, a blank page is alot of work...

Anyway, input on anything you can think of pros and cons of both, or....sobeit suggestions as to how you and your company do it.....I am at a point where we can still make a change but I have to shit or get off the pot pretty quickly.