Angela Hill

Naming Saved Bodies

Discussion created by Angela Hill on Feb 26, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2020 by Joe Arsenault
Okay so I am new to weldments, this method was sugggested to me thru a freind in a similar industray as a alternative to assembly.

We build heavy equipment here and use alot of plate and tube etc in our weldments (not structural members, like sw teaches)

When I do a save bodies and then name the parts etc, Is there a way to name the bodies in your cut list folder to coincide with what you actually named them, like say I have a cut list Item and have called it 18-00012 and then I rename it in the cut list folder to match, is there a way for that to keep that name even if I have to edit the save bodies.

Every time I try it, and have to resave bodies because of changes It just goes back to cut list item???

Any advice??