Yngve Strypet

Combine cut-list properties in one cut list cell

Discussion created by Yngve Strypet on Feb 20, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2009 by 1-HCYTGI
Is there any possibility to combine properties in a cut list cell?
I want to have a column named: WxLxD, witch is three different properties.
I thought of something like:
"D1@Sketch1@test weld 2.SLDPRT" x D2@Sketch1@test weld 2.SLDPRT x D1@Extrude1@test weld 2.SLDPRT.
I have managed to get these values out to the cut list , -but inserted in three different columns.
I'm on SW 2008 SP5.
Any ideas?