Cut list Units

Discussion created by 1-EAL2J2 on Jan 28, 2009
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I am creating a drawing of a frame made from inch square tubing. All of our old drawing from previous designs have the units of the cut list in Inches. Our drawings are shown in dual dimensions, mm [in] . Don't even ask why we have mm as the default dimension. Just something that we have to deal with. Well our shop likes to deal in inches so that is why the cut list is in inches.
Now here is the trouble that we are having. Since installing 2009 this is the 1st frame drawing that we have done. The only way to get the frame dimensions to be in inches is to change the units for the drawing. All our parts are designed in inches.

I have checked our old parts and they are set up as inches in the part environment and mm in the drawings. But the Cut list is shown as inches.

We can't duplicate this with any new files. Anyone have a suggestion on how to keep my drawing as mm but my cut list as inches.

Todd Davis
PennTech Machinery