Benjamin Goodman

Mortise and tenon production  with weldments

Discussion created by Benjamin Goodman on Dec 6, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2009 by Ola Linde
I am new to swx, but have gotten the basics of part modeling and creation of weldment profiles for my library down. I am having a hard time finding an efficient way to produce mortise and tenon door parts in the weldments. Basically the tenon needs to extrude into the mortise at all joints. These need to be parametric to the crosswork and the door thickness. I will attatch a file for anyone willing to look at it. Also, if I would like to have different widths of the profile for different structural members in the same weldment do I need to create one of each in the library, or can I stretch them in the weldment? I tried to attatch the file but it says that these type of files or not permitted.