Matt Spivey

Cutlist issues in 2008

Discussion created by Matt Spivey on Oct 21, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2008 by Alex Lerch
I have been trying to work with my VAR and SolidWorks. Niether one has been able to come up with a solution, nor as to why it is happenening.

We use use many sub-weldments inserted into weldments. Example We build side frames for machines (2 frame one for each side). I insert these weldments into a new weldment part. Then I connect the side frames with PROFILES of steel (tubing,angle,channel, ect). Once I'm done and create a drawing fromthe final weldment, the cutlist will almost always give a 0.0 length and the Description will be a garble of code.

The onyl way around right now is to create the weldment as stated. then I must go and remove all mates from the profile sketches and "FIX" the sketches to maintain them as fully defined. Then i must re-order all profiles to be above(before) any part that is inserted. Only then will my cutlist recognize the proper lengths and material.

This isn't for one stations, all my guys working for me have this exact same problem. Yet when i sent these to my VAR they worked fine.

This only happend after we upgraded to SW2008. SoidWorks has the issue listed as critical, but have yet to find a solution. Was hoping maybe one of you GURU's might have an idea of what could possibly be happening.

thanks for any input.