Weldment cut list for mirrored weldment part

Discussion created by 1-8PYKXZ on Sep 19, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2018 by Igor Fomenko
I have just created a section of a machine frame as a weldment.This frame will be bolted to a mirror versionof itself. (ie. Themain frame consists of two welded frames which are boltedtogether.)I created an assembly inserted the "rear frame"then I mirrored the "rear frame" from the assemblyenvironmentand specified the "front frame" as a new partwith its own part number / file name.My problem arises when itcomes to creating a drawing of the "front frame". I amunable to insert a weldmentcut list in the drawing of the"front frame". It's not a problem for the "rearframe" as that was the originalframe. I want the "frontframe" treated as an individual part. (ie. I don't want toreference the "front frame" from thedrawing of the"rear frame".Is there a way to get around this problemwithout too much hassle?Thanks