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weldment fillet limitations

Discussion created by Dean G on Aug 20, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2008 by Chris Bennett
Solidworks, are you listening?
why can you still not fillet between a flat plate, and a face of aradius-cornered sq. tube?!?!?!
this has to be one of the more common types of joints - I know thatfor me, it's
often the sole reason why I have to pass on filletsaltogether...
(I do realize the problem lies at the tangency created where theymeet....)
I've been playing with 2008 PR2, and I see where they now handlegaps....
certainly, the intersecting edge where they meet can be identified,and the length
along the faces can be calculated, then why not?
it seems that there is some gross misunderstanding as to how weldsare
constructed/arranged. they do not have to trace the faces of thebodies, as a non-fusion
welding process would (brazing). they could (should) interferewith the welded bodies,
and imagine how much more realistic drawings would be if they had adefault "solid" ANSI cross-section.....even when manuallycreating a bead (rare), you can choose
to "make weld bead" and still have to change materialsection....

there is just no excuse for not handling this situation....

don't even get me started on sheet metal weldments - I guess no-oneever does that.