Ben Conners

Weldment Feature Tree Problem

Discussion created by Ben Conners on Aug 1, 2008
I have inserted a part into a weldment part and located it with constraints. After this I have added a move/copy feature to copy the body using a rotation. I then continued to model other bodies. When I try to move the move/copy feature down in the feature tree it works fine, but then when I try to move it back up where it was (not above the parent feature), it loses the original locate constraints. As a result, the move/copy copied body then uses the original random insertion location as a reference and places the new body in the wrong spot.

Further to this, when rolling back above the move/copy feature to the inserted part feature, I cannot select the body - it disappears (seems to exist where I originally randomly placed the inserted part, but does not show).

The move/copy feature seems to pull some reference from the inserted part feature along with it down the tree but not back up. Parent/Child analysis does not show this being the case. In my testing at one point I saw the folders for absorbed planes and axes from the inserted part feature come out of the feature and end up at a lower place in the tree.

I have attached the model. The inserted part feature is named 3006031.

Any insight into this problem?


C. Lawrence
SolidWorks Office Premium 2008 SP4.0