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Discussion created by Tom Mathieson on Jul 22, 2008
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OK, as much as i think the weldment option in SW is great, i find the detailing of it very hookey and weak.

i have a half dozen pieces that i need to detail, i.e. holes, cut outs, etc. to get these individual pieces into a view by themselves very time consuming. i must go and make a separate configuration for each piece, then go and hide all the other pieces i don't want to see in each config.

then, when i put them on the drawing, each view, no matter how small, take up the space that the whole frame would if it was visible

then i have to add a separate cut list for each config, then hide it. not to mention the fact that it keeps wanting to dimension to the sketch lines instead of the structural members (this is a bug. SW has told me that the only way to prevent it is to go in and HIDE each individual sketch. nice..)

any tips or ideas would be much appreciated