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this might be easy but......

Discussion created by Chris Bennett on Aug 15, 2008
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in the way that my company does everything say we make a square out of tubing in a weldment, easy as pie. well we like every piece to have its own print and # so i have to make that one piece four times, a little tricky. but what if i dont have a perfect structure and since they will all be different pieces with a different member (different pieces but the same kind of tubing) attached to that line for a sketch then when i change one i have to change all of the tubing independently.

so is there a way that i can link all the tubing that NEEDS to stay the same so when i change ones all the ones in a weldment that to stay the same will stay the same, so from 14ga x 1 x 1 sq. tubing to a 16ga. x 2 x 2 sq. tubing?