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sheet metal weldments

Discussion created by Chris Bennett on Aug 12, 2008
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i have 2 long bent sheet metal pieces that are so long they THEN get welded together after laser cutting and THEN get welded together with a bunch of tubing to make up the final frame for a machine we make.

because these side pieces have so many holes, we laser cut them and they need a flat view of their parts in the details (to make the laser cnc code from), then we weld them together and keep those pieces on the shelf until we make more frames (saved bodies are out because they cannot be unbent)

ie. sub-weldment BUT how does everyone update the sheet metal parts and have it automatically update the part in the sub-weldment?
it seems like solidworks is sooooooo close but doesnt want to finish it out.

there is three of us all getting to know solidworks where i work and weldments is my slice of the pie and im coming up short, love to hear if anyone else is doing this and how they are getting around to doing it, thanks a bunch everyone!!!!