Anis Khan

Weldment Cut List automatically populates all items, incl. hidden items!!

Discussion created by Anis Khan on Jul 17, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2008 by 1-6TXHTM
Hi, I am new with SW, and this is driving me crazy.

I created a part with Weldments. It has many different profiles (tubes, c squares, etc.). I then divided the structure into sub-parts into their own Cut-Lists (in manual mode.) I have to send the drawings to the machine shop by sub-parts.

So I created a new drawing, and added a Relative View of one sub-part of the structure. Then I added a Weldment Cut List, and it shows every single item in the structure, not just the ones in the created Relative View of the sub-part... So I selected the rows that I don't need, and did a Hide/Show to remove them.

I repeated these steps for every sub-part, for a total of 5 sheets in the drawing, all with their own Weldment Cut Lists with certain rows hidden.

The big problem is that if I update the part and return to the drawing, it updates the Weldment Cut Lists AND it populates all the tables again. Meaning that ALL the rows that I deleted in all of the sheets come back, and I have to delete them manually again....

Is there any way to force Solidworks to keep the rows hidden no matter what? I can't imagine the nightmare if I have more sheets...