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balloon numbering & Cutlist Properties

Discussion created by Ben Conners on Jul 8, 2008
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I have been doing some research into weldments for the company I work. Currently we are creating large assemblies (10,000) or more parts and generating copius amounts of drawings that the shop does not even look at. We are wanting to cut down on the engineering time to bring the product to production and have considered weldments in helping do so. <br /><br />Basically, I have built a weldment model, and want to generate a drawing file that will consist of a few sheets in the drawing. The first for example would be the weldment itself with a cutlist callling all the items possibly with a few relative views on it if we have to detail certain parts. The problem I am having is when ballooning the items in the relative views all balloons display the item as 1. All drawings views are set to the <as welded> configuration.  Can anyone tell me the possible problem.<br /><br />To continue the second sheet will be the machinging config and the 3rd, 4th etc sheets will be burn templates of 1:1 scale of steel that we have to cut in house. I currently use a macro to export the burn template sheets to a dxf file which uses the drawing sheet name to become the file name so we can track it in our system. <br />These burn template views are also just relative views that are created. Now the  burn template sheet profile I would like to have text on it that calls properties from the cutlist for that specific item. Is that possible? I do not know how to pull custom properties from a cutlist for a specific item. Any help would be appreciated.<br /><br /><br />Ben Conners, P.Eng.<br />Lovat Inc.<br />Email:<br />SW 2008 SP 3.1