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Cutlist Properties

Discussion created by Tim Koritz on Jun 4, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2008 by 1-6TXHTM
I have a pretty complicated weldment. Half of it is mirrored. Because of this, the cutlist properties of the mirrored sections are not evaluating properly. Specifically, the "Length" property is not working correctly.

So I have tried changing the cutlist from automatic to manual and changing the value so it is pointing back at its parent. Well, when I hit OK, it does not evaluate properly and reverts back to what it was. I have tried copying the parent length value and pasting it to the child property but it still reverts back to what it was. So I tried deleting the stupid row and it won't even delete!

I have tried every method I know of to change/modify/delete a property. Does anyone else know of a different, effective method?