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Relative Views & Sketches from Hole wizard appearing

Discussion created by Ben Conners on Jun 3, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2008 by 1-6TXHTM
I have been creating a some relative views on a couple separate sheets in a multisheet drawing, and have noticed that hole threads and sketches from the hole wizard are appearing in the relative view of the part. These holes have nothing to do with the part I am creating the view for. Sometimes I try to select the sketch in the relative view for these holes but cannot.

Is there a simple way to hide these hole sketches or stop them from occuring without having to go thru the tree and trying to figure out what to hide and not.
Is there a macro available to hide all sketches in a particular view.

Ben Conners
Lovat Inc.
SW 2008 sp 3.1