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Weldment Issues and Enhancements

Discussion created by John Lega on May 22, 2008
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We have our VAR working on this but I have not heard back so I thought I would post it here. Below is what we sent them. We have had these issues with several weldements. We would also like some enhancements but before I send in an official request - I wanted to get some feedback as to weather they already exist and I just missed them:


1. Certain actions blank out the balloons, as in the circle and leader are still there, but the number is gone. Usually just the section views are blanked out, but occasionally all of the balloons are blanked out. This has been caused by things ranging from changing the scale of the sheet or even view, to splitting a column from the cut list.

2. Sometimes the relative views change to display the entire structure instead of the individual member. For now, we would like to know what causes this so that we can avoid it. We would also like to be able to change the definition of the relative view in the event that it happens anyway. Presently the only way that we know for correcting this error is to place a new relative view and detail it.

3. On several drawings we do a relative to model and detail a certain part. The overall dimension of the part (HSS Tube for example) is correct on the detail but is not reflected on the Cut-List. The length stays the same even if the part is changed (lengthened).

Enhancement requests:

1. We would like to dimension the length of a diagonal member "Work point to Work point" it a drawing. This is a little longer than the actual length of the member. The current method that we are using is to place a point at the intersection of the members centerlines, created with the centerline tool. The point will not snap to any portion of the center line, nor can we set a relationship between the two. There are other instances where we would like to use the centerlines in the drawing for a relationship with another sketch item.

2. We would like to report on the cut list the total weight for each line item. E.g. Two item 1's each weighing 15lbs reports a weight of 30lbs. This can be accomplished with formulas, initially. The formulas must be set cell by cell instead of by column and are liable to break. On a current drawing, two items weighing 86lbs each reports a total weight of 0lbs despite the formula being set to reference the correct cells. In addition, the formulas necessary must be set between two cells. It seems to lack the ability to refer to the items properties. The formula also seems to break when we hide the item weight cell, so we have to split off the item weight column and move it off the drawing (see Bug #1). We would like to be able to set an entire column in the cut list to use a formula that references the weldment bodies' properties. I seem to remember that this functionality exists when using assemblies.

3. For our "Work point to Work point" dimension, we need a particular appearance from the dimension, namely, parentheses around the dimension and extension and dimension lines hidden. It takes quite a while to go through and hide those lines. We would like a way to set the appearance of the dimension before placing it to facilitate quickly placing multiple dimensions. Selecting and concurrently editing the appearance of multiple dimensions would also work.

4. Depth of section view options are currently available in assemblies. We would like to use them with weldments.

7. It would help going back through the model if the Weldment Item Names (the folders in the parts cut list) either defaulted to or could be set to default to the item's description, or at least contain the item's description.

If anybody can shed some light on the "Bugs" or some workarounds please let me know.