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Discussion created by Tom Mathieson on May 2, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2009 by Mark Kaiser
i am having a real hard time picking edges, especially off HSS members, when dimensioning in a drawing view. i have to pick and pick and pick before it will find the correct edge, if it does. especially with HSS, it almost always picks the hidden edge, no tthe visible one. hre's an example

the only way i could get the 5/8" dim in the detail view was to dim it in the parent view, then move it to the detail view. i cannot pick up any edges in this detail, and to get the 5/8 dim in the parent view, i had to try 3 times before it finally picked the edge ont eh HSS that is visible, and no the hidden one.

anyone else have this problem, or some helpful hints?

and before anyone mentions graphics cards, i just upgraded to the graphic card recommended by my VAR and approved by SW.