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Multiple Weldment Frames

Discussion created by Taylor Mason on Apr 21, 2008
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I have run into an issue with my cut list that I need help with PLEASE. I have the weldment completed and run the cut list and everything looks great. My problem is that this 1 single weldment is not all I need to complete the project. Lets say I have 15 of these particular weldments. I want to make an additional column on my cut list that tells me total pieces for this particular weldment frame. My current cut list looks as follows:

Item # Qty. (THUS {number of frames}) PartNo. Descrition Length

The item in the () is what I am trying to achieve. I want this column to draw information from the Qty. column to tell my saw operator(s) the exact number of pieces needed for this project. I understand that I can manually go into the quanity feature and change the Qty. but there are many frames that have up to hundreds of pieces and to change these manually will take way to much time. What I would like to do is set a value to the THUS column (1) to save as my template and then change per project. If anyone could help out I would greatly appreciate it.